Seven Style and Beauty Secrets We Learned This Week

1. It makes dudes really, really happy when you wear bright colors. (They will love any of these five combinations.)

2. Good news: these colorful lace-up stilettos look super expensive but only cost $129. Order a pair before they sell out.

3. It's totally possible to cover your entire arm in bangles (with a few bracelets to spare!) for under $50.

4. Prom style black belts focus more on game-changing accessories than the dress itself.

5. Sleeping in every morning is allowed if we stock up on these time-saving hair products and statement flats first.

6. There is a way to wear white jeans during the summer without looking like a country clubber. In fact, there's six.

7. Where to buy everything Hannah Bronfman, Tamu McPherson and more big street style stars want this season.