WATCH: Fashion Insiders Tackle the Tricky Topic of Spring Cleaning

We've already told you about our favorite new online swap site, the members-only Bib + Tuck. We've also shared our own tips and tricking for cleaning out your cluttered closet. And now, with Bib + Tuck's new spring cleaning video, one Lucky obsession is tackling the other—with must-watch results.

In the clip, industry insiders like DJ/entrepreneur Hannah Bronfman, FiveStory owner Claire Distenfeld, The Row's digital mastermind Ruthie Friedlander and more discuss the state of their own wardrobes and how they keep their clothes well-edited—or try to, anyway. Along the way, neuroses are revealed, hoarder tendencies acknowledged and cats cuddled (we're not joking about that last one). Check it out below!

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spring cleaning
spring cleaning