Is Christian Lacroix Making A Comeback? (And Why You Should Care!)

Since announcing its re-launch last year, the late Elsa Schiaparelli's namesake label Schiaparelli has been moving in high gear. First, it got a jolt of widespread attention through a prominent role in last year's Met Ball exhibit, Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations. The running show offered a comparison of pieces from the brand's first run, which ended in 1952, against director Miuccia Prada's work today. A few months later, the company opened new salons in Paris, furnished in the surrealist style it's widely renowned for. Now, the only thing standing between the fashion house and a fully triumphant comeback is a creative director.

Several names have been bandied about thus far—Erdem Moralioglu and Marco Zanini to name a few—but perhaps the most compelling landed on WWD this morning: Christian Lacroix. As Schiaparelli chief Diego Della Valle has tapped the designer for a capsule "tribute" collection, set to debut during this summer's Paris couture presentations, many think the appointment could turn into a full time gig.

Known for his over-to-the-top, more-is-more couture ensembles, Mr. Lacroix is possibly be the only living person out there capable of surpassing Schiaparelli's lobster-headress, high-heel-hat tendency toward the extreme. The match would also make sense logistically, as the infamous couturier has been between jobs since his own line shuttered in 2009.

We really, really hope these rumors are true, especially so after looking through the images of past Lacroix designs below. Check them out now for a taste of what Schiaparelli might have in store.

all photos: The Fairchild Archive