Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Busts Coachella-Goers Lying About Liking Fake Bands

Coachella's one of those things you have to be able to take with a grain of salt, because as much the parties are fun and the bands are good, it's a bit ridiculous. Naturally we focus a little more on what people wear: the floral headbands, the American flag t-shirts, the thrift-store-looking denim, the whole "I'm totally a hippie as long as everyone else is a hippie for one or possibly two weekends" style.

But sometimes it's worth noting what the festival-goers say as well as what they wear, as Jimmy Kimmel captured. In Jimmy's video below, he sends people to quiz Coachella-ers about a bunch of bands—the catch: none of them are real. Predictably, tons of them espouse their loyal devotion to these imaginary groups. It's a love that seems about as enduring as their affinity for floppy hats and face paint, sure to end the second they get out their phones and Google what they just said. It's hilarious.

Watch below:

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