Live From FABB: Drew Barrymore Says Happiness Is the Best Makeup

Whether it's E.T., Never Been Kissed or He's Just Not That Into You, everyone knows at least one Drew Barrymore movie—probably several. But it's harder for people to name many brands the actress has backed. There was a several-year stint as the co-creative director of CoverGirl and, well, can you guys remember any others?

As it turns out, the star's absence from billboards and commercials was a calculated choice, which she revealed yesterday at our FABB conference. "When I was a kid, I got really great advice from someone who is so important to me and someone who I respect so much, and they told me, ‘Don’t do too many endorsements, don’t throw your name on things, think of your longevity,’" she told the audience. "And at seven, I somehow grasped that. And I took it to the extreme and really didn’t do many deals at all."

When Drew does decide to endorse something, it's a company or project she's extremely passionate about, like her new cosmetics line at Walmart, Flower. The range is based on several decades of behind-the-scenes experience with the industry's best makeup artists and consists of 181 products both "personal" to her and "perfect for Lucky and the Lucky girl."

Barrymore's knowledge of beauty isn't the only thing we can benefit from, however—she also gives the kind of good, immediately-makes-you-feel-better advice most people rely on their moms or big sisters for. We just had to share some of her pearls from yesterday's event. Scroll down to get inspired now:

On "having it all":
"I don’t. I can’t. I was raised in that generation where it was all ‘Women can have it all!’ and I don’t think you can. I think something falls off the table. The good thing is that the things that stay on the table become so much more important. You have to choose your battles. I can’t direct movies right now; I would miss out on my daughter. And I worked so hard to get to that point in my life, but it was a clear choice. I just had to make it."

On happiness:
"I think happiness is a choice. If you feel yourself being happy and can settle in to the life choices you make, then it’s great. It’s really, really great. I swear to god happiness is the best makeup."

On the one beauty item everyone needs on a desert island:
"I have to say, if someone literally said to me, ‘You’re going off to a desert island, what is the one thing you would bring?’ I would say, ‘It’s my concealer or you can just kill me now.' I’ve thought this through! Because I would find, like, berries in a bowl and make blush. I would take the end of a champagne cork and burn it—yes, there would be champagne on this island—and make the best kohl eyeliner you’ve ever seen. But concealer! I wouldn’t be able to find it."

On fulfilling your dreams:
"No matter what dreams you have, they do not come true unless you’re doing them with a partnership or a team. You can be the leader (or tell yourself you are!) but find the right people and build it and do it. Whatever it is—it could be a beauty line, a movie, a cookbook (I’ll get there one day, but not yet. No one wants to eat my food, trust me). Maintain a sense of humor! It gets so serious out there. I love a good fart joke!"

On running your own business:
"I love research. I love looking at what’s out there and what’s been done and what’s oversaturated. So I’d say it’s constant, constant homework. Do your research. Be self-diligent."

On what matters most:
"It’s all about the inside. I know we’re all here to talk about the outside, ironically, but it’s all about the inside. That’s where the poison or the sunshine lays."