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It's a dress over pants, and she pulls it off perfectly.
She always has the best shoe & outfit pairings.
Neutral tones work really well with her coloring.
She loves a one-shouldered look.
Emma's one of those few, lucky people who can pull of a risky, see-through dress like this with ease. (And even make it look sort of elegant.)
We'd love to raid her stash of super-elegant day dresses.
It's not a true one-shoulder, but it's got the same sort of vibe. (We told you she loves them.)
....And same here.
Vaguely reminds us of Belle's gown from Beauty and the Beast, except modernized and cooler.
Burberry's one of her favorite brands to wear (because it's great, and because she modeled for them for years).
Even her off-duty looks are impressive. (We love the proportions of that chunky scarf paired with slim jeans.)
She has a sweet spot for mixed print dresses, too.
It was a bit of surprising choice for her, but we liked it.
The matchy-matchy lipstick feels so on point.
This clean, crisp outfit a smart way to let those shoes really stand out.
It's sort of a girly-punk mashup, and we dig it.
The girl knows how to really do the whole red carpet glamour thing every once in a while.
Her dressed-down palette of gray, black & white always looks polished yet easy.