Live From FABB: Kelly Osbourne's Style Advice

This morning, our own editor-in-chief Brandon Holley sat down with TV personality, style star and budding web entrepreneur Kelly Osbourne to get the scoop on her fashion must-haves and what it's like sharing the screen with Joan Rivers on E!'s Fashion Police. In case you couldn't make it out to Los Angeles for FABB, read on for the best tidbits from the talk!

On style:

  • "I am a Chanel whore. Today I’m wearing Karl Lagerfeld, so technically it’s not Chanel, but it’s still there."
  • "Someone asked me recently, 'What do you collect?’ And I said, ‘Nothing.’ And she said, ‘Really?’ And I looked around my room and I realized that some people collect art and photos and I collect Chanel handbags. I hang them on my wall…It makes me happy to look at it."
  • "Earlier on, there were designers who, when I asked to borrow their clothes, would say, ‘She’s not really on brand.’ And that’s code for, ‘She’s too fat and won’t fit our sample sizes.’ But there have been designers that have always been there for me and I really stick by them. Now, I won’t wear those other designers."

On Joan Rivers' closet:

  • "Joan’s closet is the most amazing thing in the entire world. You go into her house and look at a wall and think, “Oh, this is just a wall.” And then she’ll tap a button and it opens up and it’s her closet and you’re like ‘Ahhhhhhh.’ She has the most amazing stuff. It’s like a museum."

On her "friend test":

  • "I make it a point to never say anything to someone I wouldn’t say to their face. Let’s say you’re wearing something awful. It’s too tight and there’s glitter everywhere. And you know you don’t look good. And you ask a friend, 'Do I look fat in this?' And your friend says, 'No! You look great!' That’s when I know they’re not my friend."

On self-esteem:

  • "I just realized I am me and there’s nothing I can do about it. Everyone wishes they could wake up and be Kate Moss. But it’s not going to happen. I’m always going to have these short chubby legs. I’m not going to wake up magically stretched."
  • "I had a good friend say to me, ‘Sit in front of that fucking mirror and say, ‘You are beautiful, you are beautiful.’ My friend made me do it. I had to do it 10 times every day. And after a little while, you start to see things in yourself. It’s a really weird thing to do, but one day I was doing it and I looked at myself and I thought, ‘I’ve got a nice nose. And I’ve got really long bottom eyelashes.’"

On personal style:

  • "I think so many people get dressed and walk out their door for the wrong reasons. You have to do it for yourself. Don’t get dressed because you think a guy’s going to think you look cute. Get dressed because YOU think you’ll look cute. My friends get dressed and say, ‘Do you think he’ll like this?’ And I say, ‘Well, do you like it?’ And they say, ‘No’ and I say, ‘Then WHY are you wearing it?!’"
  • "Have fun with it! And fuck what anyone else says."

On her all-time style icon:

  • "It really is my mom. She taught me so much about fashion and she taught me how to dress. When you don’t have the luxury of being a sample size or a size 2, you really have to learn how to dress. And she really taught me that. She taught me how to layer and what cuts to buy and that when something is cut on the bias it elongates you."

On shopping:

  • "Put your money in your shoes and your handbags and one good blazer and buy everything else vintage or high street. If they see your red sole, they’re gonna think, ‘Oh, that girl’s doing alright,’ because they’re stupid. They don’t know!"

On beauty:

  • "Everyone in my family has a signature scent. It’s really strange. Like I know when my dad has been in a building before me because I can smell him. Mine is Mure et Musc Extreme [by L'Artisan Parfumeur, available here] eau de toilette, which I like to call toilet water."
  • "All my crazy haircuts came from a coffee table book Vidal Sassoon gave my mom in the ‘60s. And I went through and got every single asymmetrical cut in that book."

On her plan to launch her own website:

  • "You have to be really careful when dealing with young girls. Common sense is not common. And I don’t want to write things and say things that someone might then follow. Just because I did something does NOT mean other people should do it. No, absolutely not. I’m just an idiot. So I’m working on something more interactive. Not just words. And that will launch soon."

Stay tuned for more live updates from our FABB conference!

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