How to Get Mad Men Hair at Home, Drew Barrymore's Beauty Evolution and Other Things We're Talking About This Week

1. With a little help from some John Barrett stylists, four Lucky editors master the hairstyles of Mad Men's leading ladies. Click here to see how it all went down and learn the looks for yourself.

2. Perhaps the one thing Drew Barrymore is more famous for than her acting is her ever-changing hair and makeup style. These 29 looks sum up her beauty evolution to date.

3. A crash course in color theory and using it for nail-polish-to-outfit coordination.

4. It might technically be spring, but it's still way too chilly for sundresses and sandals; until that time comes, wear this stuff instead.

5. Here are 12 tried and true beauty products that we'll never stop using.

6. Stop it with the sloppy closet already and learn how to organize clothes like an editor—it's easier than you'd think!

7. Cute sporty outfits for all this March Madness that's living well past its eponymous month.