What January Jones' Wisconsin Accent Really Sounds Like—Plus: Shop Her Exact Look!

January Jones sightings always mean lots of style inspiration—'60s style tweed suits, mid-century housewife dresses, red carpet gowns—but not many outfits that are useful for everyday life. Still, on the rare occasions when the Mad Men actress publicly appears in 21st century-appropriate, non-award-show-situation ensembles, we always want the look. For instance: the white leather J Brand pants and black Parker top on Jimmy Fallon last night would be perfect in a casual office environment, an evening out with friends or even just prancing around in front of the mirror at home, admiring how pretty we look. (Although we'd happily do that with any of Betty Francis' clothes, too.)

Both exact pieces are still available online, shop each one after the following clip. (Which is worth a watch—it includes a hilarious story involving a disgruntled S'Barro employee, and the chance to hear her real, Wisconsinan accent.)

Claudette Leather, $1,595, J Brand, jbrandjeans.com; Piper Top, $286, Parker, shopbop.com