Why Jennifer Lawrence Could've Been the Next Gisele Bundchen

We've given you a glimpse of Victoria Beckham's amateur modeling shots from the early '90s, posted images of an undiscovered Kate Moss promoting Molton Brown for free and recounted the drastic style evolution of our favorite American Idol winners. Now, thanks to the industrious entertainment researchers at E! News, we've got another famous person before she was famous: Jennifer Lawrence.

Yes, yes, we know you know that images of J.Law's Abercrombie campaign surfaced several weeks ago, but this clip has new photographs; and, even better, each one comes with enthusiastic narration from the show's host. ("The celeb's piercing blue eyes gaze beneath a fur cap, while her smooth blonde hair falls over her shoulder. Then she heads outdoors rocking country chic duds that play peekaboo with her midriff. Jennifer takes a quick dip before switching to a red swimsuit.")

In addition to digging up these unseen advertisements featuring the Hunger Games star, the network's reporters also obtained a quote from the photographer responsible for capturing all this country-chic peekaboo-ing and piercing blue-eyed gazing, Chris Kaufman. He has gone on the record saying that the actress "moved like Gisele" on set, which we can't really confirm as the segment only shows stills. (Of course, we're never been with Gisele on set either, so it's not like we'd know what to look for.) But maybe you'll be better at spotting similarities—check out the following video and let us know if you see any.