We've Found It: The Perfect Polish For An At-Home Mani/Pedi

I’m completely in awe of super-cool nail art, but I’m also realistic enough to know that I’ll never (ever) have the time or patience to do more than a quick coat of polish. I still want my nails to stand out, though, which is why I’m in love with Floss Gloss and its line of amazing lacquers. Founded in 2009 by three friends who met in college and bonded over, among other things, a shared love of nail polish, Floss Gloss currently has only 12 colors—but man do they pack a wallop! I’m not sure how they do it, but somehow the metallics are more glittery, the neons are more eye-popping, and even the neutrals are more interesting than what I usually find at my local nail salon. Plus, I swear I can get away with a few more days of wear before the inevitable chip happens.

I’m currently rocking a Fastlane pedi (scroll down to take a peek), and it adds the perfect flash of crazy bright color to the peep-toes I just dragged out of the closet for spring. And come on, Floss Gloss even has a color named after the nude bodysuit Britney Spears wore during her performance at the 2000 VMA’s. How can you not love that?



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