News Flash: Jason Wu's Coachella Diary Features Chanel Iman And Piggyback Rides

Jason Wu's Coachella diary chronicles him hanging out with "dear friend" Diane Kruger and giving supermodel Chanel Iman a piggyback ride (check out the girl behind them, who can't help but laugh). [Style]

Stila's making glow in the dark lipstick (which would've been great for finding your friends in the Coachella crowds these past two weekends). [SheFinds]

Here are the most ridiculously amazing sweatshirts you can buy. [BuzzFeed]

Martha Stewart's tips for taking care of clothes are predictably thorough—who knew you were supposed to steam scarves? Less predictably, Martha says, "If I weren't doing what I do today, I'd be designing clothes." [Wall Street Journal]

Some of our favorite fashion bloggers wax eloquent on their must-have spring shoes. [WWD]

Photo via Style

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