Office Crush of the Week: Verena's Red Lips

I’m fairly new to Lucky and one of the first things I noticed when I got here was how crazy cool everyone looks. That’s not a huge shock—we are in the business of fashion, after all—but what did surprise me was how nice everyone is on top of that! Seriously, this is the friendliest office I’ve ever been in, including the seven months I worked from home with my cat curled up on my lap all day. That combo of fashionable and friendly is irresistible to me, so I’ve developed a few office crushes (OK, fine, I’ve developed a lot of office crushes) and now I’ve decided to take my love public.

First up is Lucky's executive digital editor Verena von Pfetten. Aside from having the sexiest name on the masthead (and possibly ever), Verena has perfected the art of the red lip. I noticed it in my very first production meeting (and immediately dubbed her “the girl who always has perfect red lips”), and because she’s so nice she agreed to let me take a photo of her pucker in action. I love how it complements her lovely pale skin and adds the perfect dose of polish to her look.

Want to look like Verena? Scroll down to pick up her signature color.

And stay tuned for more of my office crushes!


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