Why Was Rebel Wilson Wearing Poodle Shoes On Jay Leno?

Besides the solid-colored sheath/nude platform pump combo that 99.9 percent of starlets wear on interviews, there is no dress code for late night television. Guests are allowed to take the hot seat in their pajamas if they so please, or, in Rebel Wilson's case on Jay Leno yesterday, wearing a teal tracksuit and poodle sneakers.

Although the comedian argued her unusual choice of footwear was to "distract from her double chin" (giiiirl, what you talkin' about?), I prefer to think of it as a display of personal style so often lacking on television nowadays. Fearful of the damning title of "worst dressed", most celebrities are reluctant to take sartorial risks in public. What they should consider instead is that it's better to be remembered for something, rather than not at all.

So does this mean we should all start dressing in hot pink puppy kicks and sporty sweatsuits like Ms. Wilson? No—that's her thing. To help you figure out yours, I've found five statement pieces worthy of a live talk show appearance available online now. Shop them in the slideshow following Rebel's interview clip below.