Seven Style Secrets We Learned This Week

1. Spending $995 on one skirt is totally justifiable if you can wear it all 12 months of the year. (For like, 10 years. Obviously.)

2. Wearing sneakers outside the gym is fine—as long as you follow these four rules.

3. Some of the best beauty inspiration out there comes from mermaids. Yes, mermaids.

4. The best way to get alcohol out of your clothes is with more alcohol—who knew?

5. An apple-shaped wicker purse matches more things than you'd think. We need one this spring and so do you.

6. These six outfits are fast and easy substitutes for your standard jeans-and-tee combo. (And waaaay more interesting.)

7. Cool hair trends rarely stay cool and trendy for long, so don't get hung up on the poor decisions of your past. It's okay: we all did the mall bangs thing.