Shazam for Clothing Is Happening

Imagine this: while watching an episode of Mad Men, you totally lose track of exactly why Megan is yelling at Don because you are too transfixed by her sweater. Is it vintage? Available online right now? Instead of pausing the program for an hour-long ShopStyle search, you grab your smart phone and open Shazam. Within seconds you know exactly where to procure this knit of your dreams, place the order and return to the Drapers' drama in less than five minutes. Yes, you guys, the app does do that—or at least it's going to very soon.

The Guardian recently reported that the same company behind the music identification company is currently growing its "media engagement" sector, which focuses on streamlining the entertainment experience. "We make it easier for consumers to engage with a brand or a piece of content they are interested in, without having to go through search engines, then mining the results," CEO Andrew Fisher explained to the paper. This will eventually include cast lists, tweets, scripts and—as promised above—wardrobe information, for the user's favorite television shows and movies.

Right now, Shazam's latest technology is being used with limited capacity in the UK, for select programming. Once all the kinks are worked out, the company hopes to launch the initiative globally. Now, if they could only make the same thing for identifying people's outfits in real life—when will that happen?

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