Sick of Skinnies? Shop Spring's Best Slouchy Pants

I’m a huge fan of skinny jeans and pants—I’m even wearing a pair as I type this—but I have to admit, I'm suffering from just the tiniest touch of skinny fatigue. Maybe it’s because I’m tired of seeing the same silhouette when I look in the mirror or maybe it’s because—let’s face it—some days the thought of being stuffed into a pair of form-fitting pants for 10 hours is just too much to bear.

So I was really excited to see words like “slouchy,” “relaxed” and “easy” when I recently started shopping around for a few additions to my spring wardrobe. Click through for some of my faves—they’re all polished, flattering and (fingers crossed) comfy options for those looking to step away from their skinnies.

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