Suri Cruise Gives Herself A Lena Dunham-Inspired 'Do

Could Suri Cruise have possibly watched the season finale of Girls? Or maybe she wandered in the living room while mom Katie Holmes was watching? And, right before she was hustled back to bed she saw just enough to be inspired by Hannah's DIY fringe? This is the daughter of a movie star and teenage television sweetheart, after all; the same little girl who, at the tender age of seven, has worn high heels, mini Roger Vivier flats and gets regular mani/pedis. So maybe the reasoning behind her new severely short bangs was a wise-beyond-her-years homage to Lena Dunham? Or, she just got bored while Crayola-ing—either one.

But, however it happened, Suri Cruise has a new hairstyle and it's clearly her own handiwork. (Cleaned up no doubt at a salon.) Lucky for her, it won't take too long to lengthen out (hair grows about 1/2 inch a month, so by summer she'll be fine) and she's adorable regardless. Perhaps even more so with the awkward chop.

Adults do not get the same kind of leeway. So if you are considering bangs yourself, please do not try without the help of a professional stylist. And if you already have them, avoid at-home trims. Although if you must, be sure to use the right tools (sharp cutting and thinning shears) and only work with dry hair. For a more in-depth tutorial, I recommend this step-by-step guide.

photo: Jayme Oak/

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