Which Celebrities Went Hat Crazy At The Kentucky Derby?

It appears that none of the celebrities attending last Saturday's 139th Kentucky Derby had time to read our post on non-theme-y race day outfits. Their looks ranged from camp-y to crazy to I-stole-this-from-Scarlett-O'Hara's-closet-y; each hat was bigger than the next, each dress a little more dated.

But, whatever. Aside from Halloween, royal weddings and saloon-themed photo booths, it's the one occasion at which umbrella-sized headgear and mid-century debutante styles are socially acceptable—so the urge is understandable. And heck, if someone gave us a spot by the tracks, we'd probably show up looking like an extra from Steel Magnolias' wedding scene, too.

Still, free passes aside, you guys have got to see some of these stars' getups, especially from the shoulders on up. Click through for five questionable ensembles now—and let us know if and when you'd wear any of them. (Maybe only after a few mint juleps, right?)

Star Jones

What do you guys think—were the matching hat and dress were sold as a set?