8 Things I Learned at Gucci’s Chime For Change Concert

Saturday night in London was one of the most incredible concerts I’ve ever been to—not just because of the outstanding performers (Jennifer Lopez, Ellie Goulding Florence of the Machine, Beyonce, etc.)—but because of its purpose. The concert started a new global campaign created by Beyonce, Salma Hayek and Gucci designer Frida Giannini, Chime for Change, which raises money to help educate, empower, and improve the health and standard of living for women and girls. I was crying from inspiration every five minutes:

  1. Blake Lively and Florence Welch are the most adorable bffs. Not only did Blake Lively introduce Florence (and her machine), but she stood on the side of the stage for the entire set, taking pictures of Florence whirling around in a very Melisandre-meets-Stevie-Nicks, green Gucci gown.
  2. I’m now playing Rita Ora on repeat. Her music is super catchy (I can’t get How We Do out of my head), and she danced around in sky-high heels, looking like she was having the best time ever on stage, which made me love her even more.
  3. I want HAIM hair. The three, musically-talented sisters of HAIM all have the most incredible, Michelle Phillips-ish hair, and I was hypnotized by it waving in the air as they performed a head-banging, collective drum break during one of their songs.
  4. I’m so over summer festival fashion and it’s only June. Midriff-baring shirts are happening and there’s nothing we can do about it. I don’t like them from a fashion standpoint—mostly because I look bad in them.
  5. Nothing is better than Beyonce. Seeing Beyonce perform live was one of the craziest, best experiences in my life…and I’m 29. I’ve seen a lot of concerts. I’ve eaten a lot of ice cream. These are examples of happy memories. But I can’t remember the last time I smiled/cried/sang/danced all at once with abandon like I did when B crawled along the stage in a leather onesie singing Survivor. And when Jay Z stepped on stage next to her for Crazy in Love, grinning ear to ear like a little boy with a crush? I nearly passed out.
  6. Nobody talks over Madonna. The applause was pretty overwhelming when Madge took the stage (London is her second home, after all), but as she began talking about the importance of education (60% of the world’s children who are not in school are girls), some of the crowd continued to talk. BIG mistake. Madonna immediately chastised them, like one of the teachers she is working hard to support, and further proved what a bad ass she is by saying she will match 2 for 1 any donations made to the Afghan Institute of Learning.
  7. Gloria freakin’ Steinem. There were a lot of incredibly fabulous celebrities on stage throughout the concert—James Franco, Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Jessica Chastain, etc.— to introduce the musical acts. But I was most glamourized by Gloria Steinem, who hammered home the fact that both women and men should care about women’s issues, then brought musician/friend John Legend onto the stage.
  8. Chime for Change makes it unbelievably easy to help. You find the project you want to fund—from sheltering human trafficking survivors to ending child marriage to creating a free school in Kenya (and so on)—on their website,, and your money goes directly to the project. It’s easier then ordering Seamless web.

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