A Dude's Perspective: How to Dress for a Summer Concert

It's outdoor concert season! We all know the rule that you should never wear a band’s T-shirt to their concert. (I did this once at a U2 show, and my sister almost cried.) But this week, I'll give you a dude's perspective on what a girl should wear to a summer concert.

The first and most important step in dressing for concerts is: take a shower. Once you do that, you’re already in better shape than most outdoor concertgoers, unless you tend to bathe in Frisbees and stale incense that you bought from the back of an unmarked van. Next, dress according to the genre of music you are seeing. Let’s say you are seeing a folk band such as the Lumineers, Avett Brothers or Mumford and Sons: you can’t go wrong with a clean denim vest, a fun skirt and some subtle jewelry.

Just make sure you don’t dress up exactly like the band; like at a Kiss concert, maybe don't paint your face and scare children. Also, be very careful what clothes you buy at a concert. If you’re at a really hippie show do not—I repeat, do not—buy any clothes that are in quotation marks, like “Invisible Rainbow Jackets.” These are not real and could be code for drugs—or worse, hacky sacks.


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