Why We're All Talking About Amanda Seyfried's New Gig

A photo from Amanda Seyfried's first Very Irresistible campaign for Givenchy hit the internet yesterday, barely 24 hours after her new gig was announced in WWD. The image shows the actress seated, dressed in a white lace blouse and black fedora, in what appears to be a deserted cafe. As expected, she looks amazing, like any beautiful girl styled by one of the world's top designers (in this case, Riccardo Tisci) would. But, does it make me want the perfume? I'm not sure—right now I'm too focused on her hat.

While I really love her accessory of choice—and how it looks in the picture—I'm not sure if it'll work in my everyday life. Even if it's not precariously balanced on the crown of one's head and tilted to one side (like on Amanda), it's a tough look to pull off. At best, I'd look affected—and at worst, like Sherlock Holmes' misguided assistant. I'm not sure if I should even bother trying.

But maybe, possibly—hopefully—I'm just being pessimistic. Perhaps, with the right semi-sheer blouse and cigarette pants, I really can make a dark felted fedora look legit. I've found a few possible options online (including headwear in question), inspired by the actress' ensemble and included each one in the slideshow below. Click through to shop them now and let me know if and how you'd wear the black hat.