The Secret To Looking Classy In A Crop Top

The other day, my mom gasped when I told her I planned to wear a crop top to my cousin’s engagement party. She was clearly having flashbacks to my adolescent, belly button-bearing days. But I assured her that this time around, abbreviated tops are actually quite sophisticated. For those still not convinced, don't fear, this trend is easier to pull off than you may think.

It all comes down to fit and proportion. Start by thinking of an A-line dress—there’s a reason that shape is so popular. Channel that silhouette by revealing just a hint of the upper waist, meaning the ribcage area. Luckily, for most women, that is the most flattering, slimmest part of the midsection since it hides the tummy (read: no extra crunches or skipping dessert!). Then balance it out with something high-waisted, whether it be a skirt, shorts or pants. Fit is also key. While festival crop tops tend to be flimsy and a bit boho, structured or fitted versions will feel a bit more grown up.

Click through for some of our favorite—and most versatile!—styles.

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