John Galliano's Parsons Workshop Has Been Canceled

Some disappointing news: John Galliano won't be teaching at Parsons next semester. Yesterday evening, the students enrolled in his three-day workshop, "SHOW ME EMOTION," received a rather lengthy email canceling the course. Although the enrolled class must be crushed by this decision, we have to give the school credit for providing an fair explanation.

According to the letter, which you can read in full on The Cut, the disgraced designer could not agree on a curriculum with Parson's administration. While he wanted to just talk about clothes, they expected an additional discussion regarding his controversial career. This would entail discuss the struggles he's endured since making anti-Semitic remarks in 2011.

It seems that there is no chance that a compromise can be reached and a new seminar scheduled. The announcement, while apologetic, sounds quite resolute in its choice to sever ties with Galliano. "It is certain this would not have been an easy or comfortable conversation but our mission is to provide uncommon learning opportunities that transcend the boundaries of the disciplines. We apologize to those students who anticipated participating in the workshop and to all those who looked forward to engaging Mr. Galliano in discussion."

So, basically, John Galliano has been in New York—not doing much of anything—for over six months now. He first appeared at Oscar de la Renta's studio during September 2012 Fashion Week, causing speculation he might be joining the team. Then, he squelched those rumors by securing a position at The New School. Now, since that's not happening either, do you think he'll stay in the city? And if so, for what?

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