Believe It: Lauren Conrad Has Really Good Jewelry Right Now

Everyone always freaks out over Lauren Conrad's perfect cat eye eyeliner, but when I met her earlier this week, it was her hands that I couldn't stop looking at. Girl's got strong jewelry game, which is, I guess, something you need if you're promoting a beverage and know your hands will be photographed all night while holding the honorary drink.

In this case, that's Malibu's new Island Spiced, a coconut-infused rum sweetened with Truvia so it's only 70 calories. "It tastes kind of piña colada-y without all the calories. Have you ever looked at what's in one of those things?" Conrad asked. (I have; it's scary.) But whatever the reason for why her hands and wrists looked so cool, they did, thanks to a recent trip to L.A.'s Fred Segal where Conrad and some girlfriends picked up matching rings.

They're awesome—delicate in size, but with slightly subversive chain shapes and arrow motifs—and yet they're just one of her very enviable recent purchases. Other ones on the list? A vintage Pucci bathing suit "with the coolest cutouts" that Conrad wore on a photoshoot and then went straight to vintage store Paper Bag Princess to buy, and "lots of easy summer things, sundresses, since I'm planning to spend some time in Nantucket this summer." At least she's already got her jewelry game all sorted out.


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