met gala

Watch Every Punk-Tastic Met Gala Moment Live—No Invite Needed!

There are many varieties of red carpets to watch. On the smallest level, you have day event step-and-repeats, where most of the attendees are wearing street clothes. There are also bigger occasions filled with fancier outfits—parties, premieres, fundraisers. Neither is anything extra special, but both excellent sources for outfit inspiration nevertheless.

February awards season takes things a step further with its weekly coverage of celebrities dressed in red carpet gowns. As anticipation builds toward the biggest show of all, the Oscars, people wildly speculate who will wear what and by who. And when the celebrities finally make their way down that infamous crimson rug, their looks are dissected for weeks thereafter.

Then, months after the very last "Best of,""Lifetime Achievement," and "…of the Year" is handed out, and gossip magazines stop printing pictures of the same two or three starlets in princess dresses, comes the best red carpet of the entire year: the red carpet at the annual Metropolitan Museum of Art Gala in May. That, if you have not witnessed it before, is a magical evening where movie stars, models, designers and editors all wear themed outfits to the opening of a fashion-centric exhibit at the New York museum. Anyone who matters is there and it's the one red carpet where no one's afraid to take a fashion risk. (These 40 ensembles are proof of that.)

This year's shindig is about the history of punk and it starts tonight at 7PM—catch every look live on And watch this space tomorrow morning for a full recap of the evening's best looks!

met gala
met gala