Milly x Banana Republic: The Affordable Collaboration Celebrities Are Obsessed With

Although Milly's exclusive capsule collection for Banana Republic just hit stores and online today, it seems that Zoe Saldana, Olivia Palermo and Maria Menounos each received a piece pre-launch. All three were recently photographed running famous beautiful people errands (which, bt dubs, are just like regular people errands, minus the bad hair days and schlubby sweatsuits) in various items from the range, looking extra spring-y and fresh thanks to Michelle Smith's bright, cheerful designs. So much so, in fact, that we can forgive them for getting special celebrity treatment in exchange for all the outfit inspiration they've provided. How else might we have realized that our closet has a big elephant-print-shorts-sized hole in it? Or that we can still wear our favorite white blazer this summer after buying Zoe's diagonally-striped dress?

Since the line just made its online debut, all three ladies' looks are still available online, and in a full size run to boot. Click through to order them now—before things start selling out.

Who knew that elephant print shorts would look so good with with a blazer and brogues? Olivia Palermo did.

Click through to shop her shorts now.

Courtesy Photo