30 Plus Size Graduation Dresses—All Under $100!

Graduation season is upon us. Though there are no real rules on what to wear under that cap and gown, a cute dress is always a great option—like Lucky staffer Allison Syrett said in her 30 straight size graduation dress roundup. After every last certificate has been handed out, the caps thrown, the congratulations given—that's when everyone peels away their top layer of fabric for pictures, parties and other celebratory activities. These post graduation moments are where you really have an opportunity to shine and wear something that is going to complement and highlight all of your amazing achievements.

As a plus size girl who has gone through two graduations myself, I know how hard it is to find something for the occasion that makes you feel great. But this season is supplying some great plus size graduation dress options, from fun prints to bold colors—all of which we've shopped out below.

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