Seven Style and Beauty Secrets We Learned This Week

1. A pre-swimsuit shopping bronzing session makes trying on bikinis much more fun.

2. Rainy long weekend holidays are a good excuse for shopping online sales.

3. It's 100 percent okay to wear fancy flats to a wedding instead of heels. (Especially if there's going to be dancing.)

4. Summer barbecues are better when festive ice buckets, bright sundresses and—most importantly!—margaritas are involved.

5. Dress codes outside the realm of business casual and black tie are confusing, sure, but we're at least got these six strange ones figured out.

6. The outfit situation at Cannes is sort of like red carpet fashion and street style had a love child and weloveitsomuch.

7. There are absolutely, under-no-circumstances, zero-reasons-whatsoever, you should should wear flip-flops away from the pool locker or beach. (Luckily, with these alternatives around you won't miss 'em.)