Seven Style Secrets We Learned This Week

1. Light wash denim is an easy way to fake spring style when it's still a kind of chilly outside.

2. May is a challenging month to dress for. But it's a little less challenging if you rely on any of these 31 outfits perfect wacky-weather outfits.

3. There's lots of non-fashion jobs out there that come with free designer clothes. Really!

4. Although Jordan Baker is one of The Great Gatsby's secondary characters, she's first in our books for style.

5. It's completely possible for women with classic and conservative style to wear punk clothes. (And not just on October 31!)

6. Picking the right outfit for a new exercise class is half the hard part.

7. Attending the Kentucky Derby or Cinco de Mayo shouldn't require a costume or any kind of outfit you wouldn't wear again. Especially not when these (and these!) options exsist.

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