WATCH: Taylor Swift Talks About Confidence and Dressing Like a Fairy

You know how almost every girl has one story about the ballet slippers/princess dress/fairy wings she wore for a month straight in kindergarten? Well, that's kind of like every day in Taylor Swift's life—even as an adult.

"I have these style epiphanies," she explains to stylist and TV personality Zanna Roberts Rassi in the clip below, part of her new video series for Keds, Keds Presents: Taylor Swift On Style. "When I was 15 I decided I loved the idea of a sundress and cowboy boots—and that's all I wore for two years. And then, I was loving the bohemian, fairy-type looks, and I dressed like a fairy for two years. And now, I see pictures from the '50s and '60s and I dress a little more vintage-y."

Regardless of how frequently her look changes, the singer sticks by one rule while getting dressed: trusting her instincts. "Don't wear a look that doesn't make sense for you, or feel comfortable to you, just because your friends wear it." Good advice for sure, but something tells us that those in Tay-Tay's inner circle don't have that problem; most of her friends probably want to dress like her. We sure do.

For more style tips from the singer—and a look at her new collection for Keds—watch the full interview below.