A Dude's Perspective: Colorful Sunglasses

Summertime means sunglasses time. I love when girls wear sunglasses—and it’s not just because I’m a big Ray Charles fan. But the style you choose can get you into tricky territory: some of the hipper shades like Ray-Bans and aviators say, "Hey, I like Top Gun," whereas ones with really big circular lenses say something more along the lines of, “Hey, I like grasshoppers.” (Although I do acknowledge that bigger lenses can come in handy for hiding your face if you want to stare at another person for a long time without looking creepy.)

All things told, I love a smallish, chilled-out and colorful pair of sunglasses. They are great for concerts, the beach and hiding hangovers at work. If someone asks you why you are wearing sunglasses indoors, just whip out a guitar or banjo or whatever and wordlessly start strumming. You will look like a tortured artist with a dark and interesting past.

Some sunglasses—like these Warby Parkers—come with polarizing lenses to protect against unwanted UV rays. This is a much better idea than putting suntan lotion in your eyes. Don't ever try that.


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