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Floral on jacquard makes for a great girly, everyday piece.
The buttons and piping on this too-cute tee evoke the pajama trend without being obvious.
A raglan that we can wear on weekdays? Yes, please!
If Zenon ditched her pink spandex and grew up to be ultra stylish, this is what she would wear.
This tweed tee can get down to business without being stuffy.
Equipment’s classic Riley tee in a juicy, summery print looks effortless even in 90-degree weather.
Chambray and eyelet together? Sold.
Sheer, checked chiffon gives the prettiest nod to grunge.
Who would’ve thought that cool cutouts could be totally work-appropriate?
This lovely abstract print on silk could transition from the office to cocktails to Sunday brunch without batting an eyelash.
A slinky snakeskin tee is glamorous with a pinch of edgy.
Silk tee plus satin trimmings equals understated sophisticate.