The Best Earrings to Wear With Multiple Piercings

Got a few piercings left over from your teenage years that you aren’t quite sure what to do with? Don’t take them out just yet! Give those relics of your middle and high school days a new grown-up twist with an earful of itty-bitty baubles. It's a look that's incredibly popular within the fashion industry right now; models, editors and street style stars alike have all been sporting multiple piercings—and fear not, there's a way to wear them without seeming like an aging club kid.

Avoid too-big anything, especially in combination—and as a rule of thumb, the further up your ear a piercing is located, the smaller the earring should be. Right now, we're loving small stones, tiny hoops, or metal studs in unexpected shapes.

The bottom line? As long as you take a minimalist approach and keep it light with lots of delicate earrings, the look will be subtle at first glance and ornate upon the second. Click through for our favorite pieces of ear candy—we dare you not to head right back to the piercing parlor.

Tiny, unconventional shapes have all the impact of statement earrings—without looking heavy or flashy.

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