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Tiny, unconventional shapes have all the impact of statement earrings—without looking heavy or flashy.
Dainty chain drops are just the ticket when you’re looking for something other than a stud (that won’t overshadow your other earrings). As a bonus, 50 percent of the proceeds from this pair go to charity!
Whisper-thin hoops look subtly edgy in a cartilage piercing.
Make ‘em do a double take with a post that’s got something going on in the front and back.
A set of mixed studs is perfect for asymmetrical piercings.
Little gold discs that lay flat against the ear are a perfect backdrop for other, more intricate pieces.
Itsy-bitsy diamond studs are a multi-pierced girl's bread and butter—they’re appropriate in any spot.
Play up multiple piercings all at once with a pretty chain.
Tiny pearls are just as classy as their bigger counterparts.