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Powder Down
For starters, always sprinkle a little baby powder in your shoes before you wear them. This will keep your feet dry and keep your insoles cleaner.
Freeze Up
After a quick spray with the air freshener, stick them in the freezer overnight. I can't explain how or why it works, but it does. Plus, your feet will get a nice chill when you put them on in the morning.
Spray On
A quick spritz of odor-fighting Febreze will help neutralize anything you manage to pick up. It's not just for houses, you know.
Scrub Hard
Take a little bit of dish soap and water with a scrub brush to remove any scuffs. It'll keep shoes looking newer, longer. Plus, you have to do this before you shine them.
Shine On
The easiest way to keep shoes looking brand new is with a quick shine. Apply with a cloth and always let it dry before buffing away with a soft brush.
Dry 'Em Out
Got caught in a summer storm? It happens. Stuff the insoles with newsprint or old newspapers—this will absorb the moisture and keep it from stinking up your shoe.