Why Lace Boots Make a Totally Cool Alternative to Summer-y Stilettos

Elle Strauss, our Senior Fashion Editor, just found these Dolce & Gabbana lace ankle boots on sale for $347. (It's still not exactly cheap, but I mean they're Dolce & Gabbana.) Since they're obviously adorable, we'd bet the hefty discount is thanks to them being lumped into some "out of season" category, it being June and sandal time and all. But the great thing about them—for Elle, especially, because she made out like a bandit—is that they're totally not seasonal shoes.

As Elle explains, they look just as great with slim pants and sweaters as they do with barelegged summer styles. Now that it's finally getting hotter, she's pairing them with "flippy little miniskirts" instead of the usual black jeans, and it looks fantastic. Probably because in a sea of mini skirts and floaty dresses paired with heeled sandals and pumps, they're so unexpected and so cool. I'd totally buy a pair of them right now if they came in my size, but they're only left on Yoox in a six. So below, I've rounded up some other pairs to snatch up and style the same way Elle is doing right now. (Yep, most of them are on sale, too. It's like a crazy-fortuitous loophole.)

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