Lucky Office Crush of the Week: Caryn Prime's Chic Glasses

It’s been a while since my last office crush—but I’m back, and more in love than ever. This week, I’m all about our managing editor Caryn Prime’s totally adorable glasses. I’ve known Caryn for a long time, so I’ve witnessed her style evolution from jeans and Chucks to her current wardrobe of super-sweet Marc Jacobs dresses and chic Coclico platform sandals. But the one constant over the years has been her glasses. She always seems to have the perfect pair, and the Ray-Bans she’s been sporting recently are her best yet.

As Lucky's managing editor, Caryn’s basically the office mom—she makes sure we get things done on time (with as little whining as possible)—and these glasses are the ideal accessory for that role. Classic, chic, feminine but a little bit tough, they’re also totally flattering and a tiny bit intimidating. I would write more about Caryn and her amazing style, but I have a story due and I don’t want to see those glasses approaching my desk! If you’re as crazy about Caryn’s specs as I am, click here to get your own.

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