The Surprising Breakfast Miranda Kerr Swears By

Thanks to a long stint of Victoria's Secret Angel-dom, Miranda Kerr has tons of experience with sharing her fitness and food routines in small sound bites. Really, that's pretty much all those wing-wearing ladies are ever asked, especially right before the brand's big annual shows. "How often do you work out?" "What do you eat for breakfast?" "Do you eat dessert? Really? How often?!" Although this redundant line of questioning probably gets really old for them, the answers never stop being fascinating. At least, not for me.

Anyone else who shares my desire to know exactly how a lingerie-caliber model maintains her lit-from-within complexion, bouncy hair and lean physique needs to start following Miranda's latest project, "The Body Beautiful," a series of web videos for Net-a-Porter in which Mrs. Orlando Bloom shares healthy living advice. In the first installment, embedded below, she gives a tutorial on probably the most complicated green smoothie ever invented, made from nine rather formidable ingredients (like, cold pressed coconut milk? what is that?), that I guarantee cannot be found your run-in-the-mill Pathmark. Still, she looks so glowing and refreshed as she pours each carefully-measured powder, paste and seed into her giant Vitamix, you might find yourself Google-searching for local health markets all morning. (Just don't blow all your money on organic dried berries and mashed roots, okay? The outfit she's wearing throughout the entire clip is both totally awesome and totally available online, so you'll want to save some cash for that, too.)

Below, learn how to make Miranda's daily green shake.