Robert Pattinson's About to Start Smelling Really, Really Good

People have been speculating about it for months, so it's not a total surprise that WWD just announced Robert Pattinson as the new face of Dior's Homme fragrance. Still, after reading so many adamant denials that any deal had been inked (or was even in the works) we are just the teensiest bit taken aback. Of course, this sneaky you-knew-the-answer-all-along move is nothing new for the French fashion house: remember all the back and forth rumors before Raf Simons was appointed as Dior's creative director?

It's interesting to note that R-Patz is a dude known for blatantly disregarding all thing fashion-related, often appearing in public wearing grungy T-shirts and jeans accessorized with a week's worth of stubble. Appearing all gussied up on the glossy ad pages of a magazine or billboard doesn't seem like his thing. One could argue that, perhaps, this sudden change of heart is his very stylish Balenciaga-contract-carrying, maybe/maybe-not girlfriend Kristen Stewart's influence; or maybe it's a "looking good is the best revenge" tactic to get her attention. Either way, it's certainly gotten our attention, and probably the attention of several million Twi-hards around the world. Which brings us to our next unanswered question: is Dior is going to play up the whole vampire thing in its forcoming campaign? (It would totally prompt a lot of Edward-obsessed ladies to purchase a bottle for their more mortal significant others, just sayin'.)

Photo via WWD

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