Seven Style and Beauty Secrets We Learned This Week

1. Ask a room full of fashion editors who makes the perfect white T-shirt and few will agree. (But all the answers will be good!)

2. While nautical stripes are starting to feel slightly cliché, these 12 pieces make the pattern feel fresh.

3. Treating cystic acne is hard, but not impossible—especially if you follow this advice.

4. Staying at someone's beach house requires a better hostess gift than drugstore chocolate samplers or grocery store wine.

5. Seersucker, silk and madras clothing keep you cool on hottest of summer days.

6. Spur-of-the-moment weekend trips are less stressful if you keep these eight things perma-packed and ready to go.

7. When in doubt, wear a white dress to graduation—it works with every dress code, pleases parents and always looks good.