Seven Style and Beauty Secrets We Learned This Week

1. Opting out of crazy headwear at a British wedding is an wonderful opportunity wasted. (And one that Kate Middleton would surely never miss.)

2. Invest in one of these summer evening jackets and your favorite cocktail dress need not suffer the outfit-killing pain of a matronly pashmina, boring black cardigan or a nearby dude's blazer ever again.

3. With the right mix of accessories, most beach cover-ups can be worn to dinner, too.

4. There are several different types of baseball caps out there, and specific rules for wearing each kind.

5. Shopping for shoes and handbags is totally fun. Shopping for toothpaste, stamps and these other 11 things is totally not.

6. These seven products will protect hair from sun, sand and salt water, so you can worry about more important things…like finding sunscreen that actually smells good.

7. Bikinis were named after an atomic bomb testing site. Seriously!