Seven Style and Beauty Secrets We Learned This Week

1. All wardrobes on a diet of black, white and gray should indulge in a non-neutral sneaker (or two); it's an easy way to play with color without making a major investment! (Unless, of course, you decide to make the aforementioned non-neutral sneaker a Prada one.)

2. Don't spend thousands of dollars on a wedding dress you'll never wear again when one of these equally great under-$150 options will do.

3. Some expensive beauty products are just worth eating ramen noodles all week to have—like these 11 here.

4. Take some extra effort to de-stink your shoes in the summer and you'll be rewarded with more long weekend invitations and zero nasty looks when you try on display sandals at stores.

5. An It Bag looks even cooler on the arm of an It Girl.

6. Lucy Hale loves to hang out in her sweatpants, make homemade flower garlands and owns a real cute dog.

7. You probably already know that Eva Chen is our new editor-in-chief—but did you know that her first magazine job was actually here at Lucky, too?