Tom Ford Is Making Makeup For Men

More and more men have started wearing high heels, jeggings ("meggings?") and skirts lately, so Tom Ford might be on to something with his new luxury beauty line for dudes, set to launch next fall. Billed as a "grooming collection" in a WWD article that ran this morning, it'll be one of the few boys-only ranges out there to include products predominately purchased by women, like concealer and bronzing gel. Of course, these pieces will be intermingled with more traditional personal care items for guys, such as cleanser and moisturizer, but I have a feeling that repeat customers will be coming back for the dude-specific makeup; outside of costume shop fare (which is really unisex), there really isn't anything like it out there right now.

As for us ladies who already have about a gajillion million cosmetics lines to shop already, we shouldn't feel jealous that Tom Ford is making something special for guys. We can just buy it all for our boyfriends/husbands to secretly use ourselves!

Photo: Fairchild Archive

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