A Dude's Perspective: The Perfect Summer Skirt

I found it! Here it is! The perfect summer skirt. This piece is awesome for so many reasons:

1. You can wear it with anything and for all occasions. Pair it with sandals and a T-shirt or tank top and you're ready for the park, beach, lake or pool. Then as the sun goes down, you could just slip on some heels, maybe a bit more elegant top, throw on some bangles and you're ready to hit the town. It's so versatile and easy!

2. It's white. I've stated before that I love when women wear white. Just a personal preference that I think always rocks. Also, white is the most comfortable color when you're in the sun, because it doesn't heat up as much as other colors [insert boring science jargon here]. So you'll feel cool when you're rockin' it this summer.

3. This skirt shows off your legs. From the knees down, anyway—so everyone will catch a glimpse of those summer calves you've been working on in the gym these past few months. You look good, let it be known!

So there you have it, THE perfect summer skirt. Get it today. Or tomorrow. But don't wait too long. Life is all about the NOW!


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