LOL: Our Favorite Fashion People Reveal Their AIM Screen Names

Nick Axelrod, Into The Gloss

"It was around the time of the first Austin Powers movie—'mojo' was in the zeitgeist. I think I went with '89' because '69' was too risqué, but I still wanted that hint of perversion."

Contributing Digital Editor

Before Twitter, Instagram and all those other highly-addictive-yet-slightly-annoying internet toys, there was AIM. For many of us that grew up in the '90s, it was the main form of communication—especially before text messages. I spent countless hours talking (well, typing) about absolutely nothing with my friends, editing my profile (damn you, unseen HTML markup!) and coming up with the perfect away message.

Of course, the most important thing about AIM was your screen name. After all, that was the moniker that would appear on buddy lists across the world—it had to be perfect. Now, years later, what we once thought was perfect actually seems horrifyingly embarrassing. Click through to check out a few choice screen names from the fashion people we know and love.