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Nick Axelrod, Into The Gloss
"It was around the time of the first Austin Powers movie—'mojo' was in the zeitgeist. I think I went with '89' because '69' was too risqué, but I still wanted that hint of perversion."
Alan Eckstein, Timo Weiland
"Snoop2222, because I honestly just loved the rapper when I was young."
John Jannuzzi, Lucky Magazine
"I just thought I was a really good skiier, like, god-level skill."
Erika OscarPRGirl Bearman, Oscar de la Renta
"Because I'm extremely creative and I like to push boundaries. 616 is my birthday and I think Erika616 was taken."
Amy Keller, Linda Gaunt Communications
"In the mid and late '90s it was all about that backwards red baseball cap, bad attitude and tatted-up look of Limp Bizkit's lead singer, Fred Durst. Fact is, I was 13 years old. Yikes!"
Jane Son, Krupp Group
"A glitzy lifestyle might not be the first thing to come to mind when mentioning New Jersey, but to my 14-year-old mallrat self, life couldn't have felt more regal. Naturally, I went for QweEnDiVa1 since QweEnDiVa was already taken."
Erica Domesek, P.S. I Made This
"ELD are my initials and 1999 was the year I graduated high school. When I was seven or eight (or whatever year I used my Apple2GS), it was the first thing that popped into my head!"
Annie Georgia Greenberg, Refinery29
"Okay so my AIM SN was r0cKsTar0o7, which I think is pretty self-explanatory. Not only is seven my lucky number, but in seventh grade I was also pretty Bond-like. In fact, I was equal parts Bond as I was r0cKsTar. I distinctly remember thinking, 'How is this not taken already?' It was just that good."
Stacy London, Stylist
"I think mine was 'kitty in the city.' It might still be actually. LOL. I chose it for all the obvi reasons you can possibly think of."
Jeff Halmos, Shipley & Halmos
"Mine was Halmo77777. Everyone always asked why I dropped the 'S' at the end of my last name, and why I had such an affinity for the number seven. The answer? When I signed up for AOL way back when, they automatically assigned me a name. I guess I was too lazy to ever change it!"
Sam Shipley, Shipley & Halmos
"Mine was svenhilgin—which was my alter ego Swedish 'artist' side.  Oh man, that's so stupid."
Jordana Warmflash, Novis
"Jordana Warmflash used the AIM screen name jorgi14 because her friends used to call her jorgi. The 14 is for her birthday, November 14."
Rebecca Minkoff, Rebecca Minkoff
"It was tootyfart. I had it because I thought it would be funny!"
Eva Chen, Lucky Magazine
"Oh man, mine has always been evachen212 because I grew up in NY. BORING!"
Joshua Klein, Eastland
“I think it was GrifDog, or some variation of that (probably with numbers). I had a dog in college named Griffey who was the greatest."
Todd Snyder, Todd Snyder
"I loved going to Iowa State football games back in Iowa and loved to tailgate. Beer and brats are the way to go before a good college game."
Grace Clarke, Allure Magazine
"1997 is the year I officially became cool. I've long since regressed to my uncool ways, but that year, I got a Nintendo 64, and fell in love—with Mario, with Link and his gal pal Navi, with Sonya Blade. I needed everyone to know that I was the girl who saved the Deku Tree, and what's the best way to let everyone know what you're all about? Make it your AIM screen name, duh. Thus, I became n64girl999. I shared cheat codes (so shameful), bragged about my progress, lamented my failures. I had a boyfriend—movieboy98—who comforted me. He and I still talk. I haven't heard from my console in ages. But I logged on today, and n64girl999 is still there."
Phil Oh, Street Peeper
"So my name Phil Two came from wayyyy back in like 1995 or so. I was really into that rapper KRS-One, so I thought the name KRS-Two would be funny. Then, well, I couldn't keep that name forever, so just changed it to Phil-Two."
Alison Syrett, Lucky Magazine
"The first time (and last) I have had a 'mocha latte' from my hometown's local coffee shop, my body didn't handle the high concentration of caffeine and sugar very well. Although I was out shopping with friends, I became so jittery that I couldn't stand still in one place. I wandered off, and they later found me pacing up and down the greeting card aisle at a local gift shop."
Timo Weiland, Timo Weiland
"It was my fave kids' cartoon and a nickname many of my obnoxious pals called me (shortened to 'tooth' sometimes)."
Leandra Medine, Man Repeller
"My screen name was Cold Pencil, and that is because I decided right around the time the Red Hot Chili Peppers' By the Way CD came out that using Peaches004 as my screen name wasn't cool (mostly because it wasn't). My favorite song on the aforementioned album was called 'Warm Tape' so I tried for that and after I learned it had already been taken (damn Internet—someone is always doing something faster than you can), I put to use my best analogy-making skills and settled on 'cold' as the climatic temperature to substitute warm and 'pencil' as the office supply to substitute tape. I did not, however, create the screen name because of writer's block. End scene."
Lawrence Schlossman, Four Pins
"I liked Blink-182 a lot in middle school because I was obviously super cool."
Emily Weiss, Into The Gloss
"PrencessEm. PrincessEm was taken by a woman who worked at Home Depot."
Jordan Klein, Eastland
“I'm embarrassed to say my screen name was Vandyman881. In my excitement to head off to Vanderbilt University in 2000, it never occurred to me that it would appear on 13 years later. It was dorky then, and seems even worse now.”
Kate Johanson, Lucky Magazine
"I was 11, super awkward, a little chubby and thought I was a skater. I definitely looked the part—a solid uniform of JNCOs, alien t-shirts and a skateboard I carried around as a prop (but never used it because I was scared of falling and ruining my clothes). I distinctly remember thinking the SN would give me street cred and that I was way cooler than all my friends who used 'angel' and 'baby' in theirs. The worst part is that I never changed it and probably scared off a few potential friends in college."
Maura Lynch, Lucky Magazine
"My first AIM screen name was Socks135, after Bill Clinton's cat. I held onto that until I was about 13, when I switched to Grlstar456. I think it was a combination of my fascination with the abbreviation of the world 'girl' (as in riot grrrl…I thought I WAS Julia Stiles in 10 Things I Hate About You) and love for the clothing label called Girlstar, which was sold at Pacific Sunwear (obviously my favorite store in the mall). I would wear a t-shirt from there pretty much every day, with flared jeans, Airwalks and a silver ball choker necklace."
Erin Kleinberg, The Coveteur
"It was totally a thing to actually want to be a Jewish American Princess then, apparently; even though I would have actually been a JCP (Jewish Canadian Princess), but that doesn't exactly work as an acronym. I also had jr_jap. There was another girl at my school who we assigned the SIN of jr_jit, or JAP-in-Training... and now she's a bodybuilder, so there's that. Finally, there was also: 0x0_lil_rugrat_0x0. No comment for that one."