Seven Style and Beauty Secrets We Learned This Week

1. The very best time to go shopping is when Mercury is direct (as opposed to in retrograde, duuuh), which it happens to be right now. Isn't it wonderful that the planets aligned just in time for sale season?!

2. You can fake a whole new wardrobe by adding a red bag, sand blazer and these other nine things to the one you already have.

3. Not organizing your shoe collection means missing out on valuable space for more heels, flats and boots. (And we know you don't want that.)

4. Slinky silk camisoles, lacy chemises and ruffly half-slips effortlessly work as part of an outfit—not just under it.

5. Dressing for both 90 degree heat and frigid air conditioning is a fine art that these five Lucky editors have mastered.

6. Any petite girl trying to look taller needs to study Miroslava Duma's outfits. She really knows how to make the most of her abbreviated height.

7. Mousse in 2013 is very different—and so much better—that the sticky, crunchy stuff hair stylists used in the '80s. If you haven't tried the new kind yet, than you need to pick up a bottle STAT. (We suggest these six.)