Wait, Beyoncé's Hair Is Actually Kinda Long-Ish

Digital Fashion Writer

Earlier this week Beyoncé one-upped Rihanna's flashy Instagram antics (see: denim thong incident, May 2013) just by posting a picture of her new haircut, above at left. But then Beyoncé stepped out for lunch in Miami yesterday, and just as we were adjusting to the idea of her with a clean, Carey Mulligan—style crop, she swtiched it up on us again.

Now the cut looks more like an asymmetrical, longer-in-the-front bob, like what Victoria Beckham had in 2004. It's indecisive, neither totally army-cut-short nor tuck-behind-the-ear-long. Plus, it's blonde on the top with darker hair peeking out underneath. (Best of both worlds?) But while it might not be as glamorous as her long, ready-to-be-hair-flipped mane, one thing's for sure: with two tones and an asymmetrical length, this cut's certainly different and memorable, and like all things Queen B does, she's owning it. We're fans.

Photo Credit: left, Instagram; right, OHPIX/bauergriffinonline.com


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