Model Coco Rocha and Beyonce Have Have Something in Common

Digital Writer

Although the disheveled tomboy crop Coco Rocha debuted a on Instagram last Monday looks a lot like Beyonce's new pixie cut, the similarities are totally coincidental. According to Allure's website, which had exclusive access to Rocha's drastic transformation, the model first decided to part with her fiery ponytail six months ago when her long hair stopped growing—so, not while stalking Bey's Twitter feed over Saturday morning brunch. "With my job, my hair is constantly dyed and fried, and it won't grow any longer, so I decided it was time to get rid of it."

Of course, now that not one, but two, ladies known for their blowout-worthy hair have decided to chop it all off, we're intrigued to see how far this trend will go. After all, last year was all about the Karlie-inspired bob, so it makes sense that models and celebrities are starting to explore even shorter options. Do you think you will, too?

photo via Instagram


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